The founders

Rob Thibaut and Sandy Saxten, Founders
T S history starts with a friendship, my friendship with Rob Thibaut

By Sandy Saxten, Co-Founder of T S Restaurants

Rob was a funny person; energetic, smart; an extrovert with amazing charm. Having met briefly in college, we became good friends in 1969 when Rob came to work at my first restaurant in Northern California. We decided to go to Europe the next summer for 3 months. Neither Rob nor I had much money in those days. Rob didn't even have a car. We were young (23 and 25) and we had a ball touring Europe. We talked the entire 3 months on our adventure about what to do next in life; traveling more, going to graduate school, being beach guys, you name it.

In the end, we decided to do 2 things:

First, we decided we loved restaurants. We liked the people, the upbeat tempo, and the variety of the business skills required to succeed. We wanted to be in the restaurant business.

Second, we would be partners.

The friendship and partnership lasted over 28 years. Why? We were opposites; we were self-centered, opinionated, young and picky. In the end it lasted because both Rob and I were committed to never letting each other down. We were always there for each other as a friend.

The success of this company stands on the foundation of friendship. Our managers are our friends and partners. Our employees are respected friends. And our guests, each one of them, are possible new friends.

Throughout the years, our company has grown on this foundation of friendship and respect for every individual. We now have thirteen restaurants, all in beautiful places where we ourselves would choose to live. And even with our greater size, we still consider ourselves just a small group of close friends.

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To create timeless memories and lifelong friendships, with sunsets and Aloha.


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